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Apple iPad Review

Apple iPad (view product ) is a tablet which competes against products like Apple iPad Pro, Lenovo Tab and Apple iPad Air. Compared to its peers, Apple iPad is one of the better-performing products in its category, with an overall ranking of #7 out of 15 total products.

To review and rank Apple iPad, we spent approximately 10 hours reviewing the top 10 tablets based on 30 data points such as , and (see the full criteria list).

  • Storage capacity: How much storage does each store provide? Does each store provide a lot of storage for videos, pictures, and music?
  • Display quality: Does each store have display features such as 4K streaming, Blue-Ray support, or HDR support? Does each store display performance include 4k streaming, Blue-Ray, HDR or other additional features?
  • Damage-resistance: How durable is each store? How does each store hold up against regular wear and tear?
  • Battery life: How long does each store last between charges? How long is the battery life for each store?

Apple iPad's strengths are:

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Apple iPad

Made by Appleview
Today's lowest price
Rated 4.8 - 6 reviews

About the Manufacturer

Apple is a large company operating the e-commerce site apple.com. Apple sells its products and services in the tablets industry. Apple is a less active brand when it comes to discounting and offering coupons. Apple has excellent ratings among shoppers on Knoji, with 42 ratings and an average rating of 4.1 stars. Apple scores very well compared to other brands in the tablets industry, providing 22 e-commerce features to better serve its customers.

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